Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Etsy Inspiration: Pink, White, and Gold Bridal Shower

1. Bridal Shower Invitation 2. Gold Glitter Scalloped Garland 3. Gold and Pink Paper Straws 4. Pink Dessert Trays 5. Love Is Sweet Take A Treat Printable Sign 6. Gold Mason Jars

Spring is almost here and with it comes beautiful Spring weddings! Bridal showers are a special way to rain love on the bride-to-be. I think the combination of pink, gold, and white is so refreshing for a spring bridal shower. With the above items (all found on Etsy) it is an easy process to make a beautiful shower.

Creating a beautiful space for the shower doesn't have to be complicated at all. It doesn't have to be expensive either. If you choose a few small details that will brighten up the party, you can then go the cheap route with food and drinks. A lot of Etsy shops offer printable invitations and decorative signs as seen above. That is usually your cheapest route as you can print these at home to control the price.

Instead of providing a huge menu for the bridal shower, why not just a dessert table? The dessert table itself can be the decoration. Choose a beautiful table cloth, grab some cake platters, and purchase a few small details for display on the table. The gold mason jars above look gorgeous with flowers in them. These set up on a table will blow your guests away. Purchasing or making a garland, banner, or bunting to put above or behind the dessert table is a fun way to decorate the party too. There are all kinds of options as far as word banners with cute phrases like, "Love Is Sweet" or "From Miss to Mrs". Tassel garlands are also really beautiful and are very trendy right now. The above gold glitter garland is simple, inexpensive and provides just the right amount of sparkle.

Food for your dessert table can be the most exciting part. Cupcakes, French macarons, candy, fruit skewers, cake pops, chocolate mousse, donuts, and pies are all very beautiful and tasty. You could even use one of the desserts as a favor to give to your guests. Package up a cupcake for everyone to take home. Set up a small candy buffet with treat bags. Make your own dessert in a jar creations. The possibilities are endless!

Whatever you decide to do for a spring bridal shower, just remember to have fun! Decorating and hosting a party can be stressful but everything looks so beautiful when you put just a little bit of effort into it. The bride-to-be and all of your guests will appreciate your hard work. Plus, you will get to have some yummy dessert!

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  1. Hey!! Loved these inspirations. I am also planning my niece’s wedding at one of NYC wedding venues. Will be arranging everything with golden and pink theme there. It will really look stunning and have already discussed everything with wedding planners.